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Ford Confirms 5 Fleets for London

Ford Confirms 5 Fleets for London

Ford confirms 5 fleets of plug-in hybrid vans

Ford Transit Custom plug-in hybrid van (PHEV) pilot program is set to get started in London and the auto manufacturer has promised us 5 fleets that are going to participate in it. The program is hoped to start later in fall this year. This is a huge leap forward as the company has invested 4.5 billion dollars into it. It is a joint venture of ford and Transport of London (TfL). Ford has also announced the launch of 13 brand new electric vehicles (EV) globally during the next five years. This fleet is likely to make its first appearance in year 2019. Do you look for more details? Why not to click MNRReconditioning to go to details?

Five fleets announced

The sole purpose of Ford Transit Custom plug-in hybrid van (PHEV) pilot program is to design such vehicles that are low on CO2 emissions and are environment friendly. Such plug-in hybrid vehicles will be a part of a bigger cause which is to have cleaner air to breathe in. Five fleets that are confirmed to be a part of this mission are: Transport for London, Metropolitan Police, Clancy Plant, Addison Lee, and British Gas. Transport of London will use three of these vans for delivering and shipping cargo. The Metropolitan Police will be handed one van which will be marked for second response to traffic accidents and another un-marked as a forensic support unit. These fleets will go through a 12-month long trial phase. 20 brand new vans are announced to be part of this trial phase.

Plug-in hybrid van

How will the vans achieve their goal?

These vans are set to operate in urban areas where commercial operations are a real challenge. The hybrid vans are designed so as to reduce emissions by running exclusively on electric power for the majority of inner-city trips. The fleet’s performance is not limited to any specific battery range rather; they are equipped with petrol-engine range extenders that help them cover long distances conveniently. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses that require taking long journeys around the clock.

The ford telematics system installed in the vans. This is latest technology that will collect data regarding vehicles’ financial, operational and environmental performance. This data will later be analyzed to further improve the results achieved from EVs. Study of the collected data will help the company to enhance the capability of car and drop off unnecessary details in the next iteration.

Ford plug-in hybrid vans

Bringing together all the stakeholders

The auto maker has appointed Mark Harvey as the Director of Urban Electrified Van program. This position is specially created in ford UK keeping in view the importance of this project. This announcement is enough proof of how serious Ford is about this project. The company is working sincerely keeping all the contenders in loop. The job responsibility for this position include keeping in touch with Transport for London, the participating fleets, and the Ford development team and let them all work in coherence. And also, to bring the manufacturer, consumer and city close and develop an understanding about use of EV in a metropolitan city.