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How to Repair Engine Block Cracks?

How to Repair Engine Block Cracks?

Some useful techniques to know before getting the best engine block crack repairing

If you have a cracked engine block of your vehicle, it seems that your vehicle life is ended. And if you think to swap your engine, it can be extremely costly and often not worth the investment in your current vehicle. Having a cracked engine block is one of those extreme cases where it may be not possible to save your current engine. Many of us have tried to repair cracked engine blocks. But the main difficulty is that you cannot easily weld an engine block if it is made from cast iron, not from steel.

How to Weld an Engine Made of Cast Iron?

If you think to weld your engine block made of cast iron, it can be done using an arc welder and the proper welding rods. But make it in mind that this can cause deformation to your engine blocks, leaving the welded area far more bitter for further cracking.

Engine Made of Cast Iron

What is Cold Metal Stitching?

There is another common practice which is used for engine block welding is called as cold metal stitching. This method is quite similar like the way you stitch a cloth by aligning the two pieces side by side. But it does not seem as easy as it is described. There is also a major hurdle doing this method for all types of engines is that there are different temperatures for different engine iron formations. The temperature change may cause swelling and shrinking of the metal which will cause the metal stitching to tear or reopen from the crack. This method is normally useful for very large or expensive motors such as heavy equipments or big diesel engines.

Cold Metal Stitching
Cold Metal Stitching

Normally, the engine block crack repair cannot be done by yourself. It is the work of total intention and care, and required skilled work from engine blocks cracks repairers. To get the best results, getting services from experienced engine crack repairing tea is always helpful and give you the best results.