Difference Between Engine Sleeves and Engine Liners

Engine liners and engine sleeves are necessary to give the best engine outputs

Liners in Cylinder Bores
Liners in Cylinder Bores

There is a confusion to understand the difference between the engine liners and the engine sleeves. The difference is too bit to understand. Normally it is said that the automotive guys call it engine sleeves whereas the diesel guys call it engine liners. Both of them are used for similar purpose. Normally, people understand that the engine sleeves are used in the repair of damaged cylinder bores in engine blocks. Also used in heavily modified four-cylinder engines for racing.

Liners in Cylinder Bores

Engine Liners
Engine Liners

The word “liners” is used in relation to cylinder bore repair in a diesel engine. It is still understood to be a product that is repaired and machined and put into the engine’s block as a way to repair the cylinder bore. Mostly, the cast iron automotive engines do not require sleeves because the iron is hard enough to resist piston rings. It is necessary because the need of the cylinder is to seal the piston rings. With the passage of time and with the usage of the engine, the engine components become worn and then there is need of engine liners or engine sleeves. Visit mnrreconditioning to get in more ins and outs.

When Engine Sleeve is Required?

Engine Sleeves
Engine Sleeves

There is only one reason when the engine sleeves are required. And that is when the cylinder is cracked or there is not enough material in the engine’s casting for the cylinders to bore. In this case, there is need for engine sleeves that will interference fit. As far as the diesel engines are concerned, the diesel blocks are too thick to machine. That’s why the only time, when a cylinder is cracked, the engine sleeve is required. The diesel engines are more expensive to repair, that’s why engine sleeves are done when it is required on at least more than one cylinder head.


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